Milestones: Age 10 Months

Development Milestones: Age 10 Months

Watch Nate, a 10 month old baby, learn to creep and crawl.

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Nate has turned 10 months old, and is busy learning how things work. This is a very active period for Nate. And he changes between creeping and crawling to get around. Still, he creeps for the most part. But at the same time, he manages to raise his buttocks a bit off the ground to increase speed. When comparing Nate's abilities this month to what he could do last month, we can clearly see that his speed has increased, and that his ability to push his knees forward with his legs has improved. Most children will creep and crawl at this age, but some may roll, and some may shuffle on their buttocks to move ahead. There are several different techniques that are just as effective in moving forwards. And your child will choose what she thinks is the best way. Let her decide. Nate is now interested in more advanced toys. When he was younger, toys that had bright colors or made sounds were very exciting. But now, he likes to know how things work, and tries to take the toys apart. "This fire engine is interesting," Nate thinks. While he pushes it ahead, his hand-eye coordination is improving, and we can see how Nate takes the fireman out of his car and then tries to put him back in again. When Nate was 8 or 9 months old, he couldn't let things go. Now, he is able to throw things away. In fact, children this age love to throw things away, and then find them again. This game can be repeated several times. Banging things against the ground is still exciting as well. Nate is now able to walk a few steps if his mom or dad holds his hands and guides him. See how he lifts his feet one at a time? This is a typical pattern for walking rookies. Notice how much concentration Nate needs to be able to do this. Good work, Nate. His muscles have developed more strength, and he is now much stronger than he was one to two months ago. 10-month-old children are often able to say a few words-- generally, the names of familiar people or things. They can understand some words and directions like 'here' and 'there' and 'up' and 'down'. At this age, you should start reading to your baby everyday. Make this a special time together, and ask her to find objects and books with lots of pictures.