Milestones: Age 11 Months

Development Milestones: Age 11 Months

Watch Nate, an 11 month old baby, learn to pull himself up and stand.

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Nate is 11 months old and ready to explore the world from an upright position. Watch Nate as he comes crawling with a toy in his hand. He sits and pulls himself to a standing position by using the chair in front of him. He has his full weight upon his legs while supporting his body with 1 arm on the chair and using the other arm to play. This is a typical position used by children at his age. Eventually, he throws the toy on the floor. Once a child his age is standing, she may have difficulty going back to a sitting position. It can be hard for the child to control the lowering of her body. Some children will need help to sit in a safe manner. Nate manages to sit down and then he lies down. He repeats the whole process. By doing this, he is giving his motor function a good workout. Oops. The toy fell down. Nate thinks, well, I'll have to go get it. If your child is pulling herself to a standing position, you can stimulate this activity by putting some of her favorite toys on a low table or chair and letting her stretch up to reach them. This will improve her reaching and balancing skills. -[Foreign Language] Nate has 1 toy in his right hand while he plays with the toy bus with his right hand. He has learnt that he can use his hands independently. He also understands through experience how much power he needs to use to push the bus ahead. Nate claps his hands and plays with his fingers on his lip although this is not easy with a toy in his hand.