Milestones: Age12 Months

Development Milestones: Age12 Months

Watch a one year old baby begin to master physical development milestones, such as sitting, standing, walking and playing.

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-Nate is 12 months old and is celebrating his first birthday. Nate is now the master of crawling. When we compare his motion now to how he moved at 10 months, we see that he now prefers crawling, not creeping. Nate can easily pull himself up to a standing position and is also now able to stand on his toes. He can bring toys on a table down to the floor. You can encourage your child to practice standing up and reaching by placing toys on tables and chairs. He can control his body better when he sits down. The improvement is clear when we go back and look at Nate at 11 months. Nate enjoys walking, but still needs some support. However, now, instead of needing both hands held, he can walk with support in only one hand. Look at the difference when compared with his walking abilities from last month. From time to time, Nate forgets to support himself while standing. Nate can now stand independently. Toys are funny, especially those where Nate's manipulation and exploration results in a sound. Nate can show us how big he is and he has learnt to wave "bye-bye". He can make lots of sounds and say "mommy" and "daddy".