Milestones: Age 15 Months

Development Milestones: Age 15 Months

Watch a 15 month old baby reach new development milestones, such as gaining balance and using his fingers.

Wed, 22 Aug 2012|

-[Foreign Language] -Nate is now 15 months old. He can walk much more steadily than he did when he was 12 months old. Back then, Nate needed help from his mom or the support from a chair to be able to keep his balance. He can now squat down, pick up a ball from the floor and throw it back without losing his balance. -[Foreign Language] -He's much better at using his fingers than he was a few months ago at 12 months. So, Nate can now do new and exciting things like hammering, building or playing drums on some sauce pans. But the thing that Nate finds the most fun is to drop things on the ground and have mom pick them up again. -[Foreign Language] -[Foreign Language] -This is normal for kids his age. They've mastered using their hands to grab objects. And now, they're practicing how to let things go and how to give things to others. Nate pulls down some blocks and drops his bottle to the floor because he likes to see things fall. He's learning about another important concept- gravity. -[Foreign Language] -To him, it's another bonus if mom and dad join in his dropping game and pick up the toys and bottle. He wants to play his game again and again. Nate has reached the age where he wants to try and drink from a cup or eat with a spoon without your assistance. Eating with a spoon by himself is probably beyond his capabilities. Most kids can't do this properly until they're between 2 to 3 years old, but it's a good way for him to get some practice using his hands. -Nate now uses his hand to communicate with others. For example, he can now point at things that he wants and can wave to his father. He's the one filming. -[Foreign Language] -Kids at this age will start to recognize their own name and now will react when some say their name. Nate is learning to imitate words and sounds to communicate with mom and dad. The first words that kids learn are usually simple words like mom, dad, hi, light and car. -[Foreign Language] -Well, kids between the ages of 12 and 18 months can usually say between 2 and 50 words. They understand the meaning of many more words. -[Foreign Language] -They can start to understand simple commands as- put on your jacket. -[Foreign Language] -Get the ball or don't spill the milk. But again, understanding the commands doesn't always mean that he'll listen to them. -[Foreign Language]