Milestones: Age 19 Months

Development Milestones: Age 19 Months

Watch a 19 month old baby learn to communicate and continue to develop his fine motor skills.

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-Nate is now 19 months old. He's gotten better at using his hands and finger and can do more things than when he was 12 or 15 months old. He likes toys that let him use his new physical skills. Shape sorting toys or once that require a child to place differently shaped blocks into the correct hole are especially exciting for him. Watch how Nate communicates with his mother as he plays and he's pleased when she praises him for doing something correctly. Praising your child gives him self confidence and encourages him to develop new skills. So, give your child plenty of praise as he plays. Nate likes to play with his toy animals. He's able to say what kind of animal it is and the noise it makes. A child between the ages of 18 to 24 months should be able to say between 10 and 100 words, but can understand up to 400 words. Nate hasn't outgrown his fondness for throwing things. He can hold a hammer and hit the pegboard with it. Here, mom is showing Nate how to use the hammer. Showing your child how something works is a good way of teaching him how to use new objects and it encourages him to practice his new skills. Nate finds that sometimes it's more fun to charm his mom by not doing what she wants. Kids like to invite adult interaction by actively ignoring what the adult wants. Nate is starting to show his budding sense of humor, something that usually develops around his age. It seems like he's thinking why hit the pegboard when I can make more noise by hammering. Nate is playing with blocks that can link to each other. This is an appropriate toy for his age. He'll be able to experiment creatively with his blocks and soon his creations will become more complex. Nate loves to look at books and he can now turn pages one at a time. Kids this age like books with large colorful drawings of animals and other familiar everyday objects. He likes to point at things in the book and say their name.