Milestones: Age 2 Months

Development Milestones: Age 2 Months

Watch a 2 month old baby conquer development milestones. By this age, most babies can lift their heads up due to increased strength in neck muscles.

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-Nate is now two months old. Nate has developed more strength in his neck muscles. He is now able to lift his head up higher and for a longer period of time than when he was five weeks old. But, he's still not able to lift his upper body off the ground. Nate has become much more active in his movements, and we can observe how eager he is to pull his legs up in an attempt to crawl. The goal is to move forward, but this will not happen for several months while he develops strength in his back, shoulders, hips and legs. Notice that Nate no longer needs to place his head to one side, but can hold it straight up. When his mother gently pulls him into a sitting position, his head will still roll back somewhat, but his head control has improved since he was five weeks old. Here, Nate is first moving one leg, then the other, in a smooth, cycling motion. This is clearly different from the previous newborn pattern and represents a more advanced stage of movement control than we have observed before. His hands are still mostly clenched, meaning that the grasp reflex is still there. Gradually, he will be able to open his hands and stretch his fingers more and more. Nate can now recognize the voices of his parents. He is often smiling and making sounds to communicate with his surroundings. He is quite aware of what is going on around him. He is starting to become a social person.