Milestones: Age 3 months

Development Milestones: Age 3 months

Watch a 3 month old learn key development concepts, such as grasping, recognizing faces, and exploring with his hands and mouth.

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-Nate is now three months old. When Nate is lying on his stomach, we can clearly see that he has developed better control of his head as compared to one month ago. When his mother pulls him into a sitting position, his head does not roll back and is balanced on his body, something he couldn't manage to do one month ago. Nate is very interested in the toy, but he still isn't able to grasp it. However, he is now starting to understand the connection between seeing something and grasping for it. His hands are more open than before. In the very near future, he will develop the hand-eye coordination skills needed. However, he can grasp toys that are placed into his hand. While in the past, Nate simply looked at the toy, he now explores the toy by using both his hands and his mouth. When your child turns three months old, he or she will be able tell the difference between faces. Nate may smile at many different faces, but he reacts more strongly to the faces of people that he knows and loves, like those of mom and dad. Nate likes to watch objects that are colorful, have an unusual form, or make sounds, but like every child his age, he is most interested in looking at people's faces.