Milestones: Age 4 Months

Development Milestones: Age 4 Months

Watch a 4 month old baby learn new development milestones like curiosity, investigation, head functionality, rolling around, control of gaze, reaching, grabbing, and interests in texture, taste, and smell.

Wed, 22 Aug 2012|

-Nate has now turned 4 months old and is a happy and curious little boy ready to investigate the world around him. When Nate is lying on his stomach, we see that he has good head control and can look straight ahead as well as to each side. He is now able to raise his shoulders and upper body off the ground while leaning on his arms. While he would like to move forward perhaps to reach a toy, he is not able to do that yet. Nate can turn around by rolling from his stomach to his back. As a parent, you should be aware of this new ability especially if your 4-month-old child is lying in a bath of net. Nate's motor function, however, has not yet developed enough to allow him to roll from his back to his stomach. When mom gently pulls Nate up to a sitting position, his head follows the movement of the rest of his body with minimal head rolling. Nate wants to sit. And even though he can balance his head, he needs help balancing the rest of his body. And without support, he quickly falls over. The baby is now gaining control over his gaze. While lying on his back, Nate will actively grasp a toy that comes into sight. He is starting to understand the connection between his hands and the ability to reach for something. Toys in bright colors are especially attractive. The grasp reflex has now disappeared and his hands are open and ready to grab objects. Let's go back and look at Nate when was 3 months old. He needed help using his hands and his mom had to put the toy into his hands before he could grasp it. Now, 1 month later, he is actively reaching for and grasping the toy. This is a major achievement in development. Nate explores the toy with both hands and his mouth. By using his mouth, he is able to learn more about different objects, their form, texture, smell, and taste. Nate is very interested in his surroundings. He likes to watch and study things. He reacts to sound, but he is most interested in people. He tries to move forward when lying down, but this is still very difficult for him. He will make different sounds to communicate with his mother.