Milestones: Age 6 Months

Development Milestones: Age 6 Months

At 6 month old, your baby thinks the world is more and more exciting. When Nate is on his tummy, he holds his head up and looks around. He can also raise his upper body with his arms and wiggle to make his way to toys.

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Nate has just become six months old and thinks the world is more and more exciting. When Nate is on his tummy, he holds his head up and looks around. He can raise his upper body with his arms. When we compare him to his previous self from a month ago on the right, we noticed that he has gained strength in his body, and his arms can remain extended for longer periods of time. He can easily roll from his stomach to his side and from his side to his back. While on his back, he places his arms and legs in the midline position. A child's greatest motivation from moving forward is to explore toys and objects that he sees and discovers. Watch as a toy is placed far enough away from Nate to make it difficult for him to get it, but he doesn't give up, no way. He tries to squirm and wiggle himself closer so he can try to reach it with his arm. The toy looks so nice, but it is so hard to get. Nate make sounds that clearly showed that he is not satisfied with his situation. At his age, Nate doesn't yet crawl or creep, but by using other techniques like rolling, he is able to get closer to the toy. Finally, he reaches it. Good work, Nate. When his mother pulls him to a sitting position, he can straighten his back and his balance is improving. He still needs some gentle support, but his sitting ability is much better than it was one to two months ago. Nate, definitely likes to stand up. When his mother holds his hands and helps him up, he can bear the whole weight of his body on his legs and has fun bouncing up and down. You can sing a little bouncing chant when playing with your child in this position. During the next few months, Nate's movements will be more controlled and in time he will be able to stand by himself. Six month old children grasp objects using all of their fingers at the same time and they are usually not able to hold on to two things in each hand. Watch how Nate uses his feet and toes to stabilize the toy that he is playing with. Give your baby the opportunity to try out different rattles and toys to improve their grasp. Children at this age are often able to hold a bottle with both hands. Nate will rapidly turn his head towards toys that are making sounds. When your baby notices a sound help her locate the source, for instance you can ask, did you hear that? What is that? Is it a cat? Nate makes sounds to communicate with his mother. His smiles and his very interested in looking at his image in a mirror.