Milestones: Age 7 Months

Development Milestones: Age 7 Months

At 7 months old, your baby should be eager to sit. Nate still depends on his mother’s support to keep his balance, but we notice that now he uses his arms to stabilize his position. This is a new step in development.

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Nate has now become 7 months old and thanks life is great. Nate is eager to sit and actively helps in sitting up. Nate still depends on his mother's support to keep his balance, but we noticed that, now, he uses his arms to stabilize his position. This is a new step in development. Also, his back muscles have grown stronger and we see that he is clearly much more stable when sitting now than when he was 4 and 6-months-old. He doesn't like it when he is pulled down again. At this age, some children will balance themselves in a sitting position by putting their arms in front of their body. In this way, they can sit up a bit longer. Nate watches the toy that is placed away from him and realizes that he can't reach it. How can he solve this problem? He starts thinking. By rolling around, he may be able to grasp the toy he wants to play with. But he doesn't always end up where he expected. Where is the exciting toy gun? It helps when mom makes the sound with the toy. There it is. On his stomach, Nate has enough strength to reach for the toy high in the air while his upper body is well clear off the ground. Muscle control develops from top down, head to toe. This means that, even though Nate has enough strength in his upper body, his hips, knees and legs are not strong enough to bear his weight of his lower body. He's not able to get into the crawling position yet. This would probably take a few more months. In the meantime, he uses different techniques to move around. At the moment, Nate thinks rolling is the best method. While on his stomach, he's also able to turn around to get into the right position. Nate likes to stand, but still needs support to do so because of his limited strength and balance. When he was 6 months old, he would bounce up and down. Now, he's become stronger and manages to stand with straight legs for longer periods. As time goes by, he will start to use his legs alternatively in a more dance-like manner as supposed to a jumping manner. As a parent, you can participate in these learning activities with your child. Nate thinks that moving objects, especially those toys that make sounds or twinkle, are very exciting. Look how eager he is to follow the toy with his eyes while he holds his body in perfect balance. At this age, the child understands how they can use their hands in different ways for exploring rather than just grasping and putting objects into their mouth. Watch how fast Nate learns to push the toy back and forth. At 7 months old, the child has learned to use his voice. He can shout for your attention and is getting ready to put together sounds like mama or dada. They are also starting to understand the meaning of words. Nate is starting to appreciate social games like hide and seek and peek a boo. And he loves being tickled by his mom and dad. Nate clearly enjoys playing with his mother and it shows through with smiles, sounds, laughter and exciting movements. This is so fun.