Milestones: Age 8 Months

Development Milestones: Age 8 Months

A baby at 8 months old is always on the move. At this age your child should be able to turn onto his stomach and grasp a toy, all in one single movement.

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-Nate has now turned eight months old and he is a busy young man, always on the move. Look how fast he can turn onto his stomach and grasp the toy all in one single movement. This is very good, Nate! He can use his fingers individually as he explores different kinds of toys. Nate can now sit with just a little bit of support from his mom. When compared with what he could do at five months old, we see that he is now much stronger in his back and his balance has improved. Still, without any support, he loses balance and tips over. Fortunately, the ground is soft. By leaning forward a bit with his arms between his legs, he manages to balance sitting without support. However, being a bit too eager about his new achievement, he suddenly loses balance again. Practice makes perfect, Nate. While on his stomach, Nate uses his hands separately when exploring his toys. Nate still very much enjoys standing. When compared to how he could stand one month ago, we noticed that he has become stronger in his legs; however, he still needs support. When your child reaches seven to eight months in age, she understands that she can use her hands for many things, not just for grasping objects and putting them into her mouth. She can play with things, take them out of a container and bang them together. Nate has now developed more sophisticated hand movements. Watch how he uses his fingers to examine a toy in detail. Parts that can be moved and spun are handled with precision. Look how precise he is with his forefinger. This precision is especially important to the development of the ability to pick up objects with his thumb and forefinger. During the next months, he will improve this grasp to perfection so that he can pick up the tiniest things. Let us compare Nate now with his abilities at six months old. Then, he grasped objects with his whole hand and usually with both hands at the same time. Nate thinks most social interplay and games are funny. Here, he enjoys imitating the shaking head movements of his mother.