Milestones: Age 12 months

Development Milestones: Age 12 months

Learn what to expect from your baby at 12 months. Here are the physical, intellectual and emotional milestones your little one may be reaching.

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-[Foreign Language] -Let's meet 12-months-old Sebastian. -[Foreign Language] -Sebastian can now sit steadily and he can twist his upper body while sitting. -[Foreign Language] -Sebastian can also crawl. Most children can crawl after 10 to 11 months. He is very eager to go from a sitting to a standing position. -[Foreign Language] -He can almost stand up, but he still needs something to hold so that he doesn't lose his balance. -[Foreign Language] -He is still rather unsteady when he wants to sit back down. -[Foreign Language] -Sebastian can now walk a few steps, but will need to hold on to something with 1 hand. Sebastian can use his whole hand for grasping objects and has developed a thumb-finger grasp. This means that he can pick up small objects between his thumb and index finger. Sebastian now likes grasping things and then letting them go. -[Foreign Language] -Like many other children his age, Sebastian can now say his own name. He can also shake his head to indicate no. -[Foreign Language] -Children at 1 year can often say 2 or 3 words and are beginning to understand simple questions. Make sure that your child is near stable furniture when he's pulling himself up. Remove all furniture that can tip over and give your child plenty of room to romp around. Help your child practice walking by holding his hands and telling him what to do. When standing, it's difficult for your child to sit down again. So, you could help him when he wants to sit down. Always give your child lots of praise when he is practicing. All children go through the same stages of development. But remember that each child will develop at his or her own speed. Normal children of the same age may be at completely different stages of development. You should consult your pediatrician if your child is older than 12 months and doesn't make sounds, cannot stand up without help. -[Foreign Language]