Development: Age 3 Months

Baby Development: Age 3 Months

Learn how to stimulate physical development like sitting and tummy time in your baby.

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Let your 3-month-old baby lie on his stomach for short periods of time. It's good exercise to strengthen his muscles and he can lie like this several times a day. Your baby can now lift his upper body on outstretched arms. This is a preliminary stage of learning to crawl, but he will not be able to crawl until he can lift his chest. A 3-month-old will begin to notice his surroundings, and he will enjoy being held in a sitting position that allows him to see what is happening around him. Have your baby sit on your lap so that you can support him as he sits. He will get particularly excited if he sees someone rattling a colorful toy. Hand a toy to your baby so that he can practice grasping objects. Rattles are particularly exciting at this age. All children go through the same stages of development, but remember that each child will develop at his or her own speed. Normal children of the same age may be at completely different stages of development. You should consult your pediatrician if your child is older than 3 months and doesn't follow an object with his eyes, doesn't respond to your voice or loud sounds, doesn't try to use his hands, or if he has difficulty lifting his head.