to Measure Fever - Different Thermometers

How to Measure Fever - Different Thermometers

The video shows the use of different thermometers for taking children’s temperatures.

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-This video will show you several types of thermometers that you can use to measure your child's fever. The first one is a Digital Temple Thermometer. After pressing the power button to turn it on, place the tip of the round center on your child's temple. Wait 6 to 10 seconds for a single long beep and read the temperature. The next device is the Air Thermometer. While gently pulling on the air, insert the center into the air canal and press the start button. When the thermometer is finished, it will beep. You can then remove it and read the temperature. The third type of thermometer is the Oral Thermometer. Turn on the thermometer and then place the tip of the sensor directly under your child's tongue. Once it is resting comfortably on her lower teeth and lips, have her close her mouth. If it is more comfortable, she can lightly bite on the neck of the thermometer. After about 30 seconds, you should hear 3 beeps. Remove the thermometer from your child's mouth and read the temperature. This is an Underarm Thermometer. To use it, place it in your child's armpit and then lower his arm. Keep the arm close to his side to help trap the body heat. Remove the thermometer when the beep sounds and read the temperature. Please keep in mind, that underarm temperature readings are a bit inaccurate and maybe about 1 degree lower than body temperature reading's taken either orally or rectally. This is another type of Underarm Thermometer. This wearable thermometer, measures fever continuously and can be used to monitor the temperature of sleeping babies. This last type of thermometer, measures the temperature of the forehead. Place the reader on your child's forehead for a minimum of 1 minute. The 6 liquid crystal indicators will change colors from brown, tan, green, and blue, in response to the child's body temperature.