Prick Test for Allergies

Skin Prick Test for Allergies

Skin prick testing is used to find out whether the child might have an allergy. Allergenic substances are injected into the skin. The substances might be extracts from pollen, house dust mites, cats, cats, dogs or rabbits. If the child gets a small allergic reaction on the skin within 15 minutes, ...

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-Are you okay? -Uh-huh. -Skin testing can be performed to diagnose allergies. The doctor or nurse will prick the child's skin with a plastic or metal piece that has a small amount of allergen that maybe causing the child's allergies. The allergen may be a sample from house dust mite, pollen or a cat. If the child develops an allergic reaction, localized blushing, itching or swelling; also called a wheal may appear within 15 minutes. This is a positive test and could be a sign that the child is allergic to that allergen. Negative reactions do not always rule out a possible allergy.