Breathing Difficulties

Watch this video to see the signs of breathing difficulties in children

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-This child is having a hard time breathing. She looks anxious and is using a lot of energy just to breathe. She is breathing more quickly than usual and has lots of wheezing most often when she breathes out. You can even see signs of her breathing difficulty over the skin. There is a sucking or pulling in called retractions of the skin due to the use of extra breathing muscles. This means that the airways inside her lungs are becoming blocked and air is having trouble getting in and out of the lungs. This slightly older boy also has clear signs of breathing difficulty. He is breathing very fast with retractions in between his ribs and in his back. This child also has rapid breathing with retractions and is using more energy than normal to breathe. This baby has signs of severe breathing difficulties with very obvious retractions. Look at how the chest wall is being sucked in below the edges of the ribs. This girl also is having obvious difficulty breathing. You can hear wheezing and see the retractions of her skin. She is very tired, quiet, and looks anxious. If your child shows these signs of breathing difficulties, you must contact your doctor right away. This little boy has nasal flaring. Notice that his nostrils seem to spread wider when breathing in. This is also a sign of difficulty breathing.