Medication as Children Grow

Managing Medication as Children Grow

Treatment plans for young kids should always be monitored closely and reassessed as they continue to develop. Watch this video from the Child Mind Institute.

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With all psychiatric illnesses, medication and the medication treatment for any individual patient is something which has to be reassessed constantly in an ongoing kind of way. This is particularly so for children who are always growing, and changing, and developing. Their brains are developing, the kinds of experiences that they're having are changing. We don't have good long-term data on what happens to children on these medications in terms of how long the response might last. So, it's very important that a child be seen often and often enough to know, is this medication still helping? Is the medication doing what is should be doing? Children should-- and adults should not just be put on medications and kind of kept on them. This should constantly be reassessed. Is the regimen, the medications that the person is taking, the doses, the actual medications, is this working the way we want it to be?