How to Make a Bird-Feeder Craft

Parents' Lifestyle Director Amanda Kingloff demonstrates how to make a bird-feeder craft.

Hi. I'm Amanda Kingloff from Parents Magazine. And today, I'm going to show you how to make this adorable canopy bird-feeder made out of a plate and a bowl. Here's what you'll need. A bamboo plate and a bamboo bowl, wooden beads, twine, scissors, tape and a paint brush, a hole punch, tacky glue and an object like a nail. To add a little color to your bird feeder, first thing you're gonna wanna do is paint the bottoms of your bowl and your plate. So, I'm using this really bright yellow and this is a great activity for the kids. The next step is to punch 4 holes around your bowl. So, you can use a regular hole punch and you may need to use a little muscle here. What I'm gonna do is take my 4 pieces of twine. Just wanna thread them through and tie a good sized knot on the underside. This is gonna be your tray to hold your bird seed. The next step is just for a little decoration, I'm gonna add a little bead that's gonna rest on each corner. After you put your beads on your strings, you wanna gather your 4 strings evenly and then just take of them together and make a knot. So, the next step is to make a canopy for your bird feeder. So, we're gonna use our painted plate and I'm gonna take a sharp, pointy object. I'm using a nail, something, definitely, you wanna do for your kids. I'm gonna poke a hole right in the center of the plate. So then, you take your strands. Pull your plate all the way through until it rests on the knot that you've made in your string. So, I'm just gonna make another knot right on the top just to secure it in place. And then, just to add another little décor of element, we have these beautiful wooden beads and I'm gonna glue 4 around the knot. And then, I have just other little beads. I'm just gonna-