Work & Breastfeeding

Balancing Work & Breastfeeding

You don't have to give up nursing when your maternity leave is over! Here's how to balance breastfeeding your baby even after you've returned to work.

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Hi. I'm Kimberly Durdin, and I'm a board-certified lactation consultant. And I've been helping moms breastfeed for over 20 years. So, congratulations. You've had your baby. And already, it's time to go back to work. You might be wondering if you can continue breastfeeding while you're away from your baby working. Of course, you can. Yes. Today's moms can definitely continue breastfeeding even after they have gone back to work. We're really lucky these days to have some excellent breast pumps that are available to help moms express their milk when they're away from their baby. I hope this segment gives you some tips on how make the experience going back to work as seamless as possible. First of all, I would start in pregnancy, talking to your employer about your intentions when you come back to work. You wanna let your employer know that you will need some break time to express your milk. Most moms who are working eight-hour days will probably need at least two break periods to express their breast milk while they're away from their baby. Some companies even have lactation rooms.