to Find a Lactation Consultant

How to Find a Lactation Consultant

From pregnancy to weaning, nursing experts can help moms make the most out of breastfeeding their babies.

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Hi. I'm Kimberly Durdin, and I'm a board-certified lactation consultant. And I've been helping moms and babies with breastfeeding for over 20 years. How do you find a good lactation consultant? Lots of moms are concerned that they get the right type of support that they need once their baby is born. So, how can you find that support, and how can you get good information regarding breastfeeding? First of all, start with our breastfeeding segments in this series. We've covered a lot of topics that we hope will help guide you to breastfeeding success. After perusing these topics, if you find that you still need help, here are some resources for you. For free expert information on breastfeeding, you can find La Leche League on the web at On their website, you can type in your zip code or your area and find your nearest La Leche League leader. They are an organization that's been around for over 50 years, helping moms breastfeed their baby. And they are great source of information and support. Most of their services are offered free. As well, they have a-- extensive book collection. So, you can buy books from their website or from a La Leche League leader. La Leche League is also a great place to find referrals for a good board-certified lactation consultant. So--