to Correct Latch-On Problems

How to Correct Latch-On Problems

Learn how to correct common latching problems new mother face while learning to breastfeed.

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-Hi, I'm Kimberly Durdin. I'm a board-certified lactation consultant and I've been helping moms breast-feed for over 20 years. One of the most common questions I am asked as a lactation consultant is, "How can I correct latch-on problems that I'm having with my baby." Breastfeeding takes two. It's the mom and the baby. Sometimes, if moms are having latch-on problems, it could be something-- it could be due to something that's going on with her body, with the shape of her breast or nipple. Or it could be the baby. Maybe, the baby has an issue with their tongue or sucking difficulty or, maybe, they're premature or just having a hard time latching on for whatever reason and it's really coming from the babies and the things. Or it can be both. Mom and baby have difficulties that need to get worked out. First thing I'd like to say is hang in there. Most breastfeeding latch-on difficulties can be solved very easily. It's really important though that you seek out help and help could be a friend who was successful at breastfeeding or a breastfeeding helper in your community such as a La Leche League Leader or you can seek... ***CUT DICTATION***