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Introducing the New

The new brings you a whole new experience—with articles and videos that are personalized just for you, and viewable from desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Email us with questions, comments, and suggestions at .

Wed, 22 Aug 2012|

Introducing the new From the world's most respected brand for parents. The new reaches mom wherever they are, any screen, any device, anytime. One of the most innovated features of the new is what's under the hood. It's called responsive design. It automatically detects the browser size of the user and then adjusts to fit the screen . So, if you're on a laptop you'll see it this way. If you're on a tablet it will look like this or this. And if you're on a smart phone, it will look like this. One website optimize for every device. The new features a content that's customized just for you, whether, you're in the first month of pregnancy or you have seven-year-old twins. We've dramatically increased our original content output. Ninety four percent of the new sites content is not the magazine. For starters, our new major video initiative brings over 500 new high quality originally produced videos to the site. There are more daily contents from 15 original parenting blogs. More web exclusive articles from and house content team. More content from our sister brands American Baby, Family Fund, and Ser Padres. We're committed to digital innovation and continuous improvement from our award-winning tablet edition to our award winning mobile apps, to our new award-winning website. reaches moms everywhere.