Diaper Cake shows you how to create a unique cake for your next baby shower.

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-Hi. I'm Liz Zack, executive editor of and today we're gonna be making a diaper cake which is essentially this gorgeous 3-tier cake made out of, of course, diapers. It makes a beautiful centerpiece for a baby shower. We love these cakes as centerpieces because, unlike flowers that are gone after a few days, these gifts are useful. They're also great gifts for second-time moms who already have a lot of the typical new baby shower stuff like strollers and cribs and that type of thing. To make the diaper cake, you're gonna need one beautiful cake stand. You can also use a cardboard circle. You're gonna need 60 clear rubber bands. We got these. They're actually hair elastics that we got at a drugstore, a pharmacy. You're gonna need 6 large rubber bands. Today, we're gonna be using green and yellow so that you can see what we're doing but you're gonna wanna find these in white or clear so that they can flush into the cake. You can get them at hobby stores. You're gonna need some beautiful ribbons. We got these from Midori. You're gonna need 60 newborn or size 1 diapers and that's usually about a package and a half of these small packages. You're gonna need 2 eight-ounce bottles. Get the tall, skinny kind so they can act as support in the center of the cake. You're gonna need tape and scissors and we're not gonna use them today but you can use beautiful little duckies and other kinds of adornments for your cake and then on top, you're gonna decorate with these gorgeous flowers. You can use hydrangea, you can use pianese like we did today. Big blossoms look best. A couple of the same color. The very first step in making this diaper cake is taking the diapers and turning them into the rolls. You're gonna start at the waistband and you're gonna roll it up as tightly as you can until you get to the end, and you're gonna take your little clear elastic and put it around the center. You may be even able to get it around twice and you're gonna do this about 60 times. The first step in making this diaper cake is building the bottom tier. Start with our big bottle. You get one of these elastics. Double up the elastic, wrap it around the bottle, and start filling in with diapers. You're gonna go all the way around until you have your diapers and nice little circle around your bottle flush with the sides of the bottle like that and you're gonna wanna finesse it a little bit, you're gonna wanna move the rubber bands around until you have what you like. Next, we're gonna do the next concentric circle around for our base. You're gonna take another rubber band, wrap it around what you already have and just like the first, you're gonna make your next circle. Put the diapers in the rubber band so they fit snugly all the way around. And finally, you're gonna do your last circle that will create the full base. Take another rubber band. Wrap it around what you already have and you're an expert at this by now. So, we finished our first round of the diaper cake and we build the second layer exactly the same way. Take a rubber band, double it up, put it around the top of the bottle which peaks out, and start adding our diapers. This layer of our cake will have 2 circles. So, next, we're gonna build the next concentric circle for tier 2. Take your rubber band, pop it around the ring you've already made, again, at the end, you're gonna wanna mess it up a little bit, make sure that all the diapers are even, that you like the way that they're turned, that they have a nice, flat, smooth surface on the outside. That looks good. So, now, we're making the final tier in our diaper cake and this is where the second bottle comes in handy. Just mush it in the center, push it down until it fits the other bottle underneath, take your trusty rubber band, double it up, put it around the top, and start building your last tier. The top layer of the cake has one circle, and by now, you can see the three-tier shape of the cake forming. And then you're done. Now that we've completed our cake, we get to move on to the fun part which is decorating so you're gonna transition your cake very carefully to your lovely cake stand or cardboard round, bring it closer to you so that you can more easily access it and we're gonna put on the ribbon. When you pick what ribbon you wanna use, it's a great chance to match the color of your ribbon to the palette of the party. You can also go traditional and do, you know, pink for girls and blue for boys or really whatever you want. We've attached the ribbon to itself using double stick tape and wide ribbon works best and gives it a really beautiful, modern look here. You're gonna add the ribbon to all three layers, keeping the seams lined up in the back of the cake. So now we have this gorgeous, almost complete diaper cake. The next step is adding the flowers up top. So you got this bottle in here. You take your little pitcher of water. Carefully pour some into the bottle. Make sure that you don't overfill it. That looks good, and then find some beautiful big blossoms to put on top. You're gonna wanna remove any greenery so that it goes in nice and smooth. Look at that. Incredible. You're gonna wanna put a bunch of these in here and really make it full. Incredible. Love it. Doesn't it look beautiful. Wouldn't you love to have that at a baby shower? For more materials and how to make this cake, go to Have fun.