What's Your Child's Separation Anxiety Style?

There isn't a wrong or a right way for a child to deal with being away from Mom and Dad for the first time. Different kids handle separation anxiety in different ways. The better you know your child's separation style, the more you can help him get through the first day of school.

The Crier

What he's feeling: I'm sad to leave my mom and dad and be alone in a strange place.

Your response: Try not to look worried -- kids pick up on that. Remind your child how much fun school will be and that you'll be back to get him a little later. You can also reassure him that his teacher is there to help him and make him feel better.

P.S. He'll stop crying soon after you leave. If you want some reassurance of your own, ask someone at the school to call you later to tell you how he's doing.

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