The Skills Kids Need for School

Zippers, Buttons, and Snaps

  • Don't buy school clothes just because they're cute; opt for ones your child can put on and take off. Elastic-waist pants are still best for young children.
  • Look for zippers with large pulls. You can attach a store-bought zipper-pull or a piece of ribbon to make it easier to zip.
  • If your child is having trouble getting a zipper started, encourage him to lean one arm against a wall for stability.
  • Buy clothes with large, smooth buttons and holes that are not tight. Make sure the buttons are in front, not on the side or in back.
  • If a jacket has snaps, let your child try them out before you buy it.
  • Help your child practice by finding dress-up clothes with zippers, snaps, buttons, and hooks. He'll be more interested in learning if he's putting on something he really wants to wear.

Originally published in the August 2004 issue of Parents magazine.

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