Easing Into School

Bounce Back After a Break

After your child has gotten into the swing of school, don't be surprised if he becomes clingy again after a vacation, an illness, or even a few days with a substitute teacher. Most kids are able to readjust within a few days, but if you know your child will be away from school for any length of time, keep these ideas in mind.

Schedule playdates with one or two of your child's classmates over school vacations.

If you're out of town, help your child pick out and send a postcard to her class.

Play school with your child, and be sure to give him a chance to be the teacher. "Children often work through their fears and concerns through play, and taking on the role of the adult or authority figure gives them a sense of control over the situation," says psychologist Beth Greenberg, Ph.D.

Try to stick to the school schedule (lunch and naptimes), even on days off.

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