Curing a Sugar Junkie

What's So Bad About Sugar?

Sugar contains empty calories

This simple carbohydrate is almost totally devoid of nutrients. It can take up room in small stomachs that would otherwise be occupied by healthier foods.

It's linked to obesity

Drinking soda can make kids overweight, according to a study published in the medical journal The Lancet. Researchers found that a child's odds of becoming obese increase 60 percent for each high-sugar soda consumed above the daily average, regardless of the amount he exercises, watches television, or even eats.

It can lead to heart disease

New studies have found that the less sugar and refined carbohydrates we eat, the lower our triglyceride levels--an even bigger risk factor for heart disease than cholesterol.

Sugar causes tooth decay

All carbohydrates, including sugar, have long been linked to tooth decay. Regular toothbrushing, especially after sweets, greatly reduces the risk.

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