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Problem Kids

That was the case with the Hayes family of Yuba City, CA. Seven-year-old Talia was bored in her second-grade classroom and clashed constantly with the other kids. "I kept getting called to the principal's office," says her mother, Corinna Helder-Hayes. "I was starting to think Talia was troubled."

Talia was having so many problems in school that her parents placed her in a new one, where administrators tested her and told a surprised Helder-Hayes and her husband that Talia was performing at a fifth-grade level. "We talked everything over with Talia and decided to have her skip second grade," Helder-Hayes says.

Talia's parents worried about her spending the day with older kids and still not fitting in. And although some of her classmates do treat her like a little kid, most of her parents' fears have been unfounded. In the gifted program Talia attends twice a week after school, she's made many friends. "They're all at similar intellectual levels and challenge each other in positive ways," says her mom. "Talia feels appreciated for who she is."

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