First-Day Jitters: Getting Kids Excited to Start Preschool

Teacher Tips on Calming Jitters

  • Read The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn. It's sure to help put a child who's nervous about school at ease. On the first day of school, Mrs. Raccoon kisses her son's hand, and when he misses her, he holds his kissed hand to his heart.

    - Belinda Truax, Mary Blair Elementary School, Loveland, Colorado
  • When you drop your child off in the morning, don't linger. It can make him more anxious. Set yourself a time limit -- say three to five minutes -- or tell your child you can only stay for a story or a puzzle.

    - Gloria Nightingale, The Cottage Road Neighborhood School, South Portland, Maine
  • Ask specific questions about fun things in your child's day, such as "What did you have for snack?" or "What songs did you sing?" and use her answers to talk to her about school the next morning.

    - Carin Stone, Twin Oaks Country Day School, Freeport, New York

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