Advice from Preschool Teachers

"My daughter gets distracted and seems to have no attention span for books."

  • Timing is everything. "Don't try reading right after school, when your child needs time to wind down," says Kelly Pfau, a teacher at the Protestant Preschool, in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Instead, crack open a book when she's in a calm mood, such as after a nap or before bed.
  • Make it interesting. "Children become excited when you bring a story to life for them," says Ellen Marks, director of the Beth El Preschool and Kindergarten, in Baltimore. Try making paper-bag puppets and acting out the story, or use different voices for each character.
  • Choose the right titles. Make sure the books aren't too old or too young for your child. Look for ones with fun illustrations, bright colors, and interesting story lines.

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