Stop Toddler Bedtime Battles

She Doesn't Nap Anymore

Toddlers often refuse to snooze during the day -- blame their newfound sense of independence and changing sleep needs -- but kids aren't truly ready to give up naps for good until around age 5. If you let your child skip hers, she may be too overtired to sleep well at night.

Rest easier by... ignoring the clock. As kids get older, they might not need to catch their afternoon zzz's on the same old schedule. Instead, look for clues that your toddler is getting tired. Put her down when she gets clingy, spacey, hyper, or starts rubbing her eyes. Making your toddler's siesta seem like bedtime can help her drift off: Keep her room dark, read a story, or sing a lullaby. But if she absolutely refuses to sleep, encourage her to play quietly in her room and call it "rest time."

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