Sleep Makeovers for Toddlers

The Dawdler

He thinks 7:59 p.m. is the ideal time to run around the house, demand more water, and empty his toy box.

What's going on: Toddlers can't tell time. To them, life is a 24/7 recess.

What to do: Find a calming bedtime routine, and stick with it. Toddlers have no clue what hour it is, but they do understand that one event predictably follows another: first dinner, then bath, books, and bed. Knowing what's coming next will help your child wind down. Christi Dixon, from Marthasville, Missouri, found that giving her toddler, Jordyn, some control over her bedtime ritual helped settle her down. After pajamas, teeth brushing, and kisses, Jordyn chooses which books to read.

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