Sleep Issues

Sometimes your toddler just won't sleep through the night. Here you'll learn how to figure out what's standing between your toddler and a restful night's sleep with our guide to common sleep issues (there's quite a few!).

Solutions for Kids' Sleep Problems

They're too young to vote, too young to drive, but not too young for sleep disorders. We'll help you all get some shut-eye.

Keeping Your Tot in the Crib

What's the best way to keep a toddler from crawling out of his crib to avoid sleeping?

Sleep Apnea

Here's the low-down on this condition.

When Bad Dreams Strike

Though nightmares usually don't start until around age 3, your child may occasionally awaken during the night from a bad dream. Here's how to help your youngster settle back to sleep.

Stop Toddler Bedtime Battles

Sleep struggles are common among 2- and 3-year-olds, as a result of the huge developmental changes they're going through. Use our guide to determine what's behind your kid's restless nights and ultimately get her on a saner sleep schedule.

When Children Have Night Terrors

Night terrors are common in young kids. This is what causes them, and how to help your child.

Sleep Makeovers for Toddlers

Developmental changes, teething, separation anxiety, and fear of the dark can create bedtime problems for your two-year-old. Knowing how to respond can keep your nightmares to a minimum.

Moving from Crib to Big-Kid Bed

Switching to a bed is a major milestone. Help your kid sleep well in his new digs.

1-Year-Olds and Sleep

Bedtime issues often linger long past your child's first birthday. The trick is teaching your child to fall asleep on her own.

Toddler Sleep Solutions to Common Problems

Are you struggling with getting your child to sleep? Get the solutions to toddler bedtime issues.

Dr. Alan Greene on Sleep Disturbances

My 3-year-old has started waking up every night. What can we do about this?

Your Toughest Sleep Problems Solved

Is putting your little one to bed a constant battle? Here, Parents advisory-board member Jodi Mindell, Ph.D., author of Sleeping Through the Night: How Infants, Toddlers, and Their Parents Can Get a Good Night's Sleep (HarperCollins, 1997), offers strategies for helping babies and big kids alike get the rest they need.

Nighttime Fears: Why? What to Do?

Our child development expert handles a mom's concerns about her toddler's new fear of the dark.

Dr. Alan Greene on Letting Go of the Bedtime Bottle

Learn how to wean a reluctant child from her bedtime bottle.

Sleep Training Toddlers Who Have Never Slept Through The Night

Fred and Jeanette have 18-month-old twin boys who have never slept through the night and frequently end up in their parents' bed. It's the baby sleep whisperer to the rescue!

How to Deal with Nightmares and Night Terrors

Nightmares are common, so it's essential to know how to ease your child's worries and help them feel safe.

Is Never Getting Enough Sleep Better Than Sometimes Getting Too Much?

Sleep-deprived parents, listen up! A new study says waking up at the same time every day, including weekends, is healthier than sleeping in.

Overcoming Sleep Struggles

Endless stalling, toothbrush battles, and pleas for just one more story -- preschoolers know how to drag out their nightime routine. Here, expert strategies for overcoming sleep struggles.

Dr. Alan Greene on Night Terrors

Why do my kids have these strange episodes?

How to Help with Nighttime Fears

Green monsters, clowns, or shadows at night -- whatever your preschooler's fears, you can find ways to help ease her anxieties.

Sleep Advice From Dr. Jodi Mindell

Your Children's Sleep Questions Answered by Q&A with Dr. Jodi Mindell

Sleep Solutions for Toddlers

If your child is awake when he should be snoozing, we'll help him get the rest he needs.

Dr. Alan Greene on Bedtime Battles

How can I get my 3-year-old to sleep?

30 Excuses Toddlers Use to Thwart Bedtime

Congratuations on sleep-training your baby! Now, you're on to the real challege: getting your toddler to sleep.

Bedtime Battles

Toddlers are surprisingly adept at avoiding sleep. Read our strategies for handling bedtime protests and getting your child to nod off.

Two-Year-Old Won't Sleep And Expectant Parents Are Anxious

Jenny and Greg have a two-year-old who rarely sleeps through the night and are expecting baby #2. Ingrid helps the anxious couple back off protracted sleep rituals and sleep train their toddler.