Good Night, Sleep Tight! A Stress-Free Guide to Bedtime

Readers Reveal: How I Keep My Child in Bed at Night

No matter what we read at bedtime, I always kiss my daughter's hand and she kisses mine, just like in the book The Kissing Hand. This ritual comforts her -- which helps her go to sleep.
-- Elizabeth R., Somers, New York

After I say good night to my 5-year-old daughter, Emily, I turn on an audio book before leaving her bedroom. She follows along to an Amelia Bedelia story or a Frog and Toad book and then she's ready to turn off her light and go to bed.
-- Sherry G., Charlotte, North Carolina

A snack before bedtime works wonders for my 4-year-old son, Hudson. I give him a small bowl of cereal with milk or a mini bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter. It fills him up and he doesn't come out of his room saying he's hungry.
-- Sally R., Hoboken, New Jersey

I read that toddlers may avoid going to sleep because they want more time with their parents. So I sit in bed with my 3-year-old, Hayleigh, and 5-year-old, Pierce, and ask them to tell me about their day. Once that's covered, they really seem to wind down.
-- Dana H., Rowayton, Connecticut

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