Sleep Basics

As your toddler gets older, her sleep patterns are likely to change. She may soon go from two naps to one; and transition from a crib to a bed. Here you'll learn what to expect of your toddler's sleep habits, how to establish a bedtime routine, win bedtime battles, and more.

Stop Sabotaging Your Kid's Sleep

If your nights are an endless cycle of wake-ups, you're doing something wrong. Try these tweaks for babies, toddlers, and preschool-aged kids.

Speeding Up the Bedtime Process

When putting your child to bed takes up half your evening, here are simple ways to stop the stalling.

Our Guide to a Peaceful Naptime

There's nothing worse than a tired, cranky toddler refusing to snooze. Relax! We've got the sleep solutions to send him off to dreamland.

From Two Naps to One

When your kid suddenly won't go down without a fight, it may be time to switch her daily snooze routine.

Toddler Sleep 101: What You Need to Know

How many hours of sleep does your toddler need? And does he really have to nap? We answer some common questions about toddler sleep.

Good Night, Sleep Tight! A Stress-Free Guide to Bedtime

How to help your child have a calm and cozy sleep routine.

The Transition from Crib to Bed

When will your toddler be ready to move to a big-kid bed?

Good Nights: 4 Sleep Solutions for Your Preschooler's Bedtime

Help your preschooler get to bed (and stay there) without a major fuss.

Common Toddler Sleep Problems (and How to Solve Them!)

We'll help you figure out the cause of your child's slumber trouble, so you both can get more rest.

Moving from Crib to Bed

Here's how to make a smooth transition.

Signs Your Toddler is Ready for a Big Kid Bed

Think your tot is ready to ditch his crib? Here are three signs that confirm he definitely is!

From Crib to Big-Kid Bed

Expert hints to make the bedtime switch as smooth as possible.

Two-Year-Old Won't Sleep And Expectant Parents Are Anxious

Jenny and Greg have a two-year-old who rarely sleeps through the night and are expecting baby #2. Ingrid helps the anxious couple back off protracted sleep rituals and sleep train their toddler.

Science Proves What We Already Know: Enforcing Bedtimes Helps Kids Get More Sleep

Kids who get optimal sleep are happier and healthier. Enforcing their bedtimes during the week will help them reach this goal.

Science Says Moms Are Happier When Kids Go to Bed Early

It turns out, earlier bedtimes aren't just good for kids' health and well being, they're good for their moms, too! (Now can someone show this to our kids?!)

Keeping a Sleepwalker Safe

About 15 percent of children sleepwalk. We tell you how to keep your child from hurting herself during her nighttime wanderings.

3 Simple Steps to a Good Night's Sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential for children to function normally and learn at their optimal levels.

Sleepless in America

Almost one-third of children don't get enough sleep. And the more experts focus on the causes, the more they are finding that nighttime disturbances are linked to other childhood problems. Read on for the newest research breakthroughs and expert strategies to solve common bedtime battles.

Have Peaceful Naptimes

There's nothing worse than a tired, cranky toddler refusing to snooze. Relax! We've got the sleep solutions to send him off to dreamland.

Science Says Kids Who Don't Get Enough Sleep May Age Faster

New research offers yet another reason to make healthy sleep a priority in your house: It may help your kids live longer.