Toddler Danger Zones

Home Office

  • Keep office supplies where your child can't grab them. But don't store sharp objects like scissors or letter openers so high that you might drop them when you reach for them, advises Monica Clanin, president of Childproofing Services Diversified, in Virginia Beach.
  • Cover up power strips -- not only to prevent electrocution but also to keep your tot from unplugging the computer while you're working.
  • Buy furniture with rounded edges and corners, or cover any sharp areas with adhesive cushions.
  • Avoid using a desk with a gliding keyboard tray, which might pinch your child's fingers. If you do use one, find a tray that locks in place.
  • Because your toddler might slip and hit his head while holding onto a swivel chair, Clanin suggests cushioning the legs and base with a foam swimming noodle cut to fit.
  • Hang a mirror on the wall above your computer monitor so you can see your child playing in the area behind you.

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