Home Safe Home: Childproof Your Home Room by Room

Take a close look at these rooms. Can you tell what's right and what's wrong?
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Lucie Rice

Even if you feel pretty confident that you've done a thorough job of childproofing, chances are you've missed something. In fact, in a study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), when first-time moms of kids ages 12 to 36 months were taken through a model home and asked to point out potential hazards, they could identify fewer than half of them.

You may also be overconfident about your own child's understanding. In the UAB study, when researchers asked the moms to point out items that would be hazardous for their toddler, they made statements like, "My child isn't curious about the toilet" or "my child knows not to play with matches" and flagged only 40 percent of the real risks.

But the truth is, household injuries are one of the top reasons kids under 3 visit the E.R. each year. And it's smart to be prepared for the worst. So we've shown you many of the hidden risks for young children -- as well as pointed out the safe spots -- and provided expert advice on how to childproof your home.

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