Bedroom Safety for Toddlers

Before your child graduates to a bed, be sure his room is childproofed.

Room Safety

  • If your child's bedroom is on the second floor or higher, his windows should have guards on them.
  • Drapery cords should be cut so that the ends do not form a loop, which can strangle a child.
  • Don't place enticing toys on high shelves. A child may try to climb up to reach them.
  • Never leave a dresser drawer open, since a child can easily climb into it and cause the dresser to topple over.
  • Never put a child's bed against a radiator or under a window, even if you have window guards.
  • Place the bed against a wall or in a corner to make it more secure.
  • You may want to put a gate across your child's door or a stairway to prevent him from getting to areas of the house that are not childproofed.

Copyright ? 1999 Ann Colin Herbst. Reprinted with permission from the November 1999 issue of Parents magazine.

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