Mall Safety: 5 Strategies to Keep Kids Safe


Nearly 2,000 children are injured by elevators every year, usually when their hands or limbs are crushed in the doors. "Most elevator doors will open if the sensor detects something in the way, but a kid's arm or finger can be so small that it may not register," says Dr. Sheehan.

Safety strategies:

  • Never try to stop the doors from closing with your arm, foot, bag, or stroller. Although most of the elevators at department stores are equipped with safety features and are well maintained, the elevator's photoelectric eye can malfunction, causing the doors to crush whatever is in the way.
  • Mind the gap. Make sure that the elevator is level with the floor before you exit. Your child could trip, or his foot could get stuck in the gap.
  • Stand at the back of the car if possible. Never let your child touch or lean on the elevator doors -- that's where most injuries happen.

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