Mall Safety: 5 Strategies to Keep Kids Safe

Ready to brave the holiday crowds? First learn how to keep your kids safe when you go shopping.
Child in the mall shopping

You'd never think of letting your child ride in the car without his seat belt fastened, but how about when he's in a shopping cart? You always hold his hand when he crosses the street, but how often do you reach for it when you step onto an escalator at the mall? When it comes to kid-safety hazards, it's easy to get caught up in worrying about the big, obvious threats, such as car accidents, toy recalls, and dangerous playground equipment. And with good reason, since they are responsible for many childhood accidents. But an everyday trip to the mall -- where parents are often distracted and kids are intrigued by elevators, escalators, and elaborate store displays -- poses a surprising number of hazards that can cause severe injuries. We asked experts how you can safely navigate the following four danger zones when you and your kids hit the stores.

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