Safety Tips

Your toddler's safety is your number one priority. Here you'll find toddler safety tips to keep her safe at home and away.

It Worked For Me: Safety Solutions

From the house to your car, there are so many safety hazards for your kids to avoid. Make life easier with these helpful solutions from readers.

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Ready to brave the holiday crowds? First learn how to keep your kids safe when you go shopping.

Make Your Home Healthier: 10 Ways to Make Your House Healthy and Safe

Every year, millions of kids are injured or exposed to toxins right under their own roof. Learn the top ways to keep your family safe.

5 Ways to Keep Your Adventurous Preschooler Safe

It's natural for preschoolers to test their limits. Keep daredevils safe while encouraging them to explore. These tips will make sure your explorer stays healthy while still finding his independence.

Study: Alarming Number Of Kids Injured On Stairs

Prevent stair-related falls. Courtesy of Nationwide Childrens Hospital