The Most Dangerous Drivers

4 Rules For Focused Driving



  1. Feed the kids a meal or snack before leaving. Quieting the troops with endless juice boxes encourages them to make food demands in the car -- which you can't safely accommodate.
  2. Feed yourself at home too. Drinking and eating while driving are linked to higher crash rates.
  3. Before getting into the car, turn off your cell phone, and place it in the backseat, in the glove compartment, or even in the trunk. If you must keep it on, use ringtones to identify the few calls you'll answer: for example, ones from the sitter or your kids. Tell everyone else you won't answer when you're behind the wheel.
  4. Promise yourself that you won't touch any other device, such as a GPS or a DVD player, unless you pull the car over first. (Lay down a firm "Mom can't touch them while she's driving" rule.)

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