Car Safety

Here you'll learn about car safety, including, when to transition to a booster seat, the dangers of texting and driving, and more.

10 Car-Seat Safety Secrets

Feel like you're fighting with the car seat these days? Our tips will help make installation a breeze and get you and Baby on the road to safer travel.

All About Booster Seats

Why, when, and how to get your child into a booster seat.

The Confused Parent's Guide to Car-Seats

Why oh why are car-seats so complicated? We finally cracked the code so you can install or reinstall your kid's seat with confidence.

How To Install A Car Seat

A car seat that is correctly installed is key to keeping your baby safe in the car, but many seats are in wrong. Learn the steps to getting your seat in right.

Car Safety Facts and Mistakes

Cars are such an everyday convenience that it's easy to forget how dangerous they can be. But the frightening reality is that even the shortest drive can turn catastrophic: More than 240,000 kids under age 16 are injured in car crashes every year, and another 1,700 are killed. To keep your family safe, we've compiled an action plan for cruising on the highway, driving around town, or even backing out of your driveway. Here's our comprehensive guide.

Avoid a Car-Seat Mistake

Learn the mistakes that parents most often make, and how to avoid them.

The Car Accidents You Don't Think About

Every year, tens of thousands of children are rolled over, caught in power windows, and even unintentionally left in vehicles to die. But these incidents are as preventable as they are upsetting. This is what every parent needs to know now.

The Most Dangerous Drivers

Don't think you're one of them? Think again. Parents investigates the deadly epidemic plaguing our highways.

Is Your Child Safe in the Car?

Experts say that as many as 85 percent of us aren't securing our kids correctly. Take our quiz to see whether you know the latest car-seat recommendations.

Dangerous Driving Mistakes Even Careful Parents Make

These seemingly harmless habits can be deadly for your child.

You'd Never Forget Your Child In The Car, Right?

Most of us think we're incapable of making such a horrible mistake. So did the parents in this story.

Car Seat Safety Check: 8 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

Take this article and walk out to your driveway now to find out whether your child's car seat is as safe as it should be. You'll be shocked at what you're doing wrong.

Study: Car Seats, Vehicles Not Always A Good Fit

Video courtesy of The Ohio State University College of Medicine.