Toilet Teaching Tactics

Dealing with Accidents

Nighttime Strategies
The first time my son wet his bed at night after getting out of diapers, I realized that I never again wanted to fumble around for clean sheets at 2:00 in the morning. So I bought a waterproof mattress pad, covered it with a fitted sheet, then put it on top of the waterproof pad and sheet already on his bed. That way, if he wet the bed, I could just pull off the top layer to get to the clean pad and sheet underneath.
Fairfield, CT

Staying Dry on the Go
To help my 2-year-old daughter when we're in the car, I take along a small plastic potty seat lined with a plastic grocery bag, with a sanitary pad in the middle to absorb moisture. After she uses the potty, I just tie up the bag and toss it out. Not only is cleanup easy, but having the potty in the car also helps reassure my daughter -- and makes for fewer accidents.
Villanova, PA

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