Toilet Teaching Tactics

Small Rewards

Prize Bag
I was desperate for anything that might motivate my then 3-year-old daughter to use her potty. Finally, I bought a gift bag and filled it with small toys and trinkets. Each time she used the toilet, she got to pick an item from the bag. A week and a half later, the bag was empty -- and she was out of diapers.
Quincy, MA

Make a Potty Poster
My daughter was almost 3 before she was completely taught. She loved stickers, so to motivate her we made a Potty Poster, which we hung in the bathroom. Every time she used the toilet, she got to pick a sticker for her board. She was so excited to get new ones that using the potty became a snap.
Huntington Woods, MI

Superheroes to the Rescue
Three months after my 3-year-old son was urinating in the potty, he still wouldn't use it for bowel movements. He loved action figures, so we took him to the store and let him pick out two. When we got home, we hung them on the bathroom towel bar, where he could see them. We told him that he could have both of them after he successfully went in the potty twice. It worked -- two days later, he had two new toys, and we never had an accident again.
Portland, CT

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