Toilet Teaching Tactics

Encouraging Success

Get Dolly in on the Act
My 2-year-old daughter didn't want to stop playing to use the potty. To encourage her, I told her she needed to teach all of her dolls how to use the toilet too. We took these "friends" into the bathroom one by one so my daughter could give a step-by-step demonstration. In no time, she was telling me whenever she had to use the toilet because she was so excited to teach her dolls.
Fullerton, CA

Give Easy Access
To take some of the pressure off our daughter, we put the potty right next to her bed so that she could have her own space. Also, she could get to it faster, especially first thing in the morning and at night. This technique worked for our second daughter as well.
Anne and Ben
Cheshire, CT

Let Him Do It His Way
Don't stress your child. My son had the unusual habit of taking off all his clothes before having a bowel movement. I never tried to persuade him to change his routine, and he stopped stripping after six months.
Greenbrier, AR

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