Potty Problems: 4 Solutions to Your Preschooler's Toilet Troubles

Your child might be done with diapers, but the toilet training isn't over. Use our advice to solve your kid's bathroom blues.
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Heather Weston

It was a happy day when my oldest child was potty trained. For me, it meant no more dealing with the mess of diapers. For him, it signaled big-boy status. But then came the trip to our local mega mart -- and the public bathroom. My normally confident son approached the stall, and then quickly bolted out. Our problem? The bane of little kids everywhere: the dreaded auto-flush toilet. (My son fearfully referred to the red sensor as "the blinking eye" for years.)

You may think that you're past bathroom issues once your child earns that "officially toilet trained" certification. But there are other problems that can pop up, even for a kid who's a potty pro. "Learning to use the bathroom involves a series of stages, but parents can help their child master the process by remaining calm and supportive," says Edward Christophersen, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at Children's Mercy Hospital, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Check out some of these tips to help your preschooler feel more comfortable.

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