Infant Potty Training: One Mom's Diary

One mom's attempt at potty training her 7-month-old.

The First 5 Days

Baby Lying on Belly on White Blanket

I was skeptical about elimination communication (EC), but I decided to give it a go when my 7-month-old, Chet, started on solids and his bowel movements got messy. Here's the (poop!) scoop.

Day 1: The first step is observation. I place Chet au naturel on a pad-covered play mat and watch. I know that a red face and grunts mean a poop is imminent. But I get no such signal for number one. I carry him to the sink every 20 minutes or so, but he only pees on the floor en route.

Day 2: I take Chet to the bathroom after his nap and feedings, but he just won't go in the sink. I hold him over the basin until he wails in frustration and then return him to his play mat. Almost on cue, he takes a whiz. As a result, his play mat smells like a week-old litter box. The only thing that kills the odor: a special solution I have for the dog's accidents.

Day 3: Success -- with Chet's BM! After noting the telltale grunts, I sit him on the toilet between my legs, facing outward, and there he poops. However, his urine stream hits the edge of the toilet seat and splatters on his bare legs and my jeans.

Day 4: A major setback today: While I'm pumping, I put Chet into his activity gym. As I watch him from a distance, he stealth-poops, and boy, is it messy! While I clean it up, he pees on the floor.

Day 5: Proponents say that infant potty training is supposed to help you bond with your baby, but I'm not feeling it. We've had a little success today, but I think both Chet and I are frustrated. I try to remind myself that a little pee on the floor is not the end of the world.

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