Getting Started on the Potty

Don't Start Too Soon

Why are children today training later than they were when we were children? For one thing, says Dr. Wolraich, pediatricians and child development experts are concerned that previous generations of parents were putting too much pressure on their children to train early. Children were often being punished for not learning to use the toilet.

Another reason behind the delayed toilet training stems from disposable diapers, which are:

  • More absorbent than cloth diapers and less uncomfortable for a child when soiled or wet
  • More convenient for parents who want to get away from the laundering of cloth diapers

Taking cues from your child will make the process of toilet training go more smoothly for everyone. Not every sign of readiness needs to be there, but if you notice a few, your child may be ready and willing to start using the potty. If, after a few attempts, your child still resists, it's wise to back off. Praise her independence in other areas, such as feeding or dressing herself, and try again in a few weeks or months.

For some children, it might be best to wait if they're about to experience, or have experienced, a major disruption in their life, such as the birth of a new sibling, a move to a new home, or a divorce or death in the family. Such situations may disrupt the learning process and may even cause temporary setbacks.

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