Your Funniest Potty Training Stories

That Funny Thing You (Kids) Do

When my middle child was 3, I walked past the bathroom to see her bent over, behind in the air, and head on the floor. She had a big wad of toilet paper and was trying to wipe her behind. I asked her if she needed any help, but she politely declined, "No, thanks, I got it, Mommy!" It took her about five minutes, but she did it. - Melinda Pawek-Gallegos

My son, now 5, was potty training in a house with three girls. He had it in his head that I was crazy to make him pee standing up. One day while I was getting ready for work, he came into the bathroom, climbed up onto the big potty, put his feet on the seat while squatting, and said, "This is as close as me's getting to standing up to pee." His feet then slipped into the potty! His feet fit perfectly into the hole and he was crammed in there up to his collar bone! - Kimberly Schulz

My son was 2 and decided to take off his diaper, climb up on his baby slide, stand at the top, and pee down the slide. Then he decided to slide down naked! His own water slide! - Tiffany Tilton Toulouse

I was walking in the mall with my 2-year-old when she declared she had to go potty. As we quickly walked to the bathroom, I noticed people staring at us. I looked down and saw that she had dropped her pants (and panties) down to her ankles in anticipation and was walking through the mall exposed. I still laugh every time I tell this story! - Erin Coffey Tellez

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